11 Customer Behavior Trends That Changed In 2020: Best Practices On How To Adapt To The New Normal.

Learn how you can adapt to changing customer behavior due to COVID-19, based on successful practices of leading brands you know and love.


In the past weeks, economies all over the world started reopening slowly. People go back to their old lives but their lives are not the same. Consumer sentiment has changed in a matter of months. They are more conscious, more insecure and value things differently. This will have a big impact on how we will do business in the upcoming years.

In this webinar, we dove into 11 behavioral shifts that will stick in a post-corona world. You will learn about what drives these changes, and most importantly, how you can adapt. Hear about best practices from leading companies like IKEA, ING, Gucci, Hyundai or Apple, who have already adapted to the new normal.

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What to expect in the PDF

Understand how customer behavior has changed across industries
Learn how leading companies have adjusted their product / service portfolio
Gain a strategic guideline to adjusting your product / service portfolio

Some behavioral shifts we covered ...


Security and Safety

New living and working context means people need to consider security and safety factors they did not have to consider before.


Repurpose And Reimagine Tools

People have learned to repurpose and reimagine tools for new needs such as transforming business tools for social experiences.


Easy In – Easy Out

As the lockdown has led to many last-minute cancellations and businesses have been accommodating, people will come to expect an easy in but also easy out solution to transactional obligations.


Virtual Travel

Virtual travel has been a niche for a few years but may accelerate in the post corona economy as people realize that travel experience can be delivered through many different channels and formats.

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Discover how you can adapt to the changing customer behavior due to COVID-19, based on successful practices of leading brands you know and love. Please fill out the form to get your free download.


Fabiola Lewandowska
Senior Consultant & Product Owner

Fabiola Lewandowska is a Senior Consultant at LHBS with over 8 years of experience, working on strategy, innovation & exploring new ways of working for leading companies across Europe. Specialized in discovering trends and understanding shifting consumer demand, Fabiola is also the Product Owner of LHBS’ market intelligence tool - signmesh which has been supplying organizations such as Nike, Lufthansa or Red Bull Media House with trends and insights accelerating innovation within their areas of business.



In this report, you will learn how to deliver customer value that are:

  • Faster — Avoiding hassle, reducing effort and offering less friction for your customers along the whole customer journey.Cheaper —
  • Reducing financial efforts, entry and exit barriers for risk-averse customers that have less budget.
  • Better — Aligning your offer, brand and experience with the emotional and functional values customers are longing for right now in order to provide more relevance.

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