Pandemic Anomalies

Anomalies spotted as a result of COVID-19 outbreak. What will stick and become an actual trend in the ‘New Normal’? Recent pandemic has shown us that change is constant. Some consumer trends have been accelerated and some slowed down. We have been observing a few anomalies within consumer behavior.

What is an anomaly?

It’s the simplest kind of insight or a single point that does not fit the usual pattern of its own historic data.

In this report:

We take a look at a few of the anomalies within consumer behavior. Anomalies can be signs of the ‘next big thing’ lurking right around the corner.
Here’s a selection of peculiar signs collected by our team.
Report includes:
  • 8 anomalies
  • 15+ cases from Europe, US and Asia
  • Areas covered: dating, travel, fashion & luxury, insurance and wellbeing, experiences

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