11 Customer Experience Trends for 2021

Explore 80+ best customer experience cases collection from all over the world which you cannot miss.

Where does CX go in 2021?

The global pandemic had a big impact on our lives. Due to COVID-19 we had to adapt the way we live, shop or entertain ourselves. Most businesses have been effected by this New Normal. Many took this opportunity to thrive and adapted their businesses to offer better customer experience. 

In this report:

You will find 80+ use cases, best practices and  ideas across 11 different trends how businesses adapted to offer better customer experiences: 
  • Remote try & buy
  • Going the extra mile
  • Brick and mortar upgraded
  • Inclusive experiences
  • Shop with a purpose
  • Virtual fun
  • Full flexibility
  • At your (own) service
  • New ordering
  • Rethinking delivery
  • Added benefit
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