Are you ready for the new normal?

The COVID-19 outbreak is a new global reality that arrived fast and unexpectly, resulting in the birth of completely unfamiliar business context. With the beginning of the new calendar and fiscal years, businesses have seen their plans for 2020 become obsolete over the course of a few weeks. Undoubtedly as part of immediate crisis management, business leaders are coping with today but also revising plans, projections and priorities for what many are calling the ‘New Normal’.

How to win customers in the new economic reality

Start taking actions now.

Business will have to deal with many issues such as new complications with supply chain management, disrupted ways of working and a workforce with a whole new list of professional and personal challenges. Businesses also need to start thinking about surviving and potentially thriving when the dust settles from current restrictions that have had an immediate and devastating impact on business. They have to do this now in order to mitigate risks and minimize potentially negative outcomes after the lock down.

In this report:

We look at three recommended priorities we believe that business needs to focus on to generate and execute ideas that will become vital to keeping a customer base and potentially growing it.
The three recommended priorities:
  • Value Perception — Rethink how customer will perceive value for money.
  • Relevant Information And Inlfuence — Reconsider the most relevant sources of information and influence.
  • Expectations From Relationships — Redefine customer relationships.

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