Agile Guide series

The Agile Guide series was created with legacy organizations in mind, by experienced consultants and hands-on experts in Agile experimentation and company-wide transformation. It’s designed to help you successfully implement Agile practice within your organization.

What is the Agile Guide Series?

Our Agile guides begin by defining what Agile is and its place in business, beyond the IT department. It then progresses to give actionable steps towards scaling the Agile way of working within organizations – the myths, the pitfalls and the keys to success.

Agile Sprint Guide

A playbook for running successful sprints within your organization.

Agile Org Guide

A practical guide to implementing Agile in Legacy Organizations.

Agile Sprint Guide

A playbook for running successful sprints 
within your organization

It’s possible to kickstart Agile working within your organization, no matter the size of your business or scale of your project. We’ve broken down each step of the process, from setting up a team to moving through each Sprint for an easy-reference guide every team can use.

Download this guide today if you:

  • Want to know the what a top-line introduction to what Agile is, where it came from and the methods we use here at Frontira.
  • Want to understand the why an overview of why Agile works and its key business benefits.
  • Want to learn the how a detailed, actionable step-by-step guide on how to run successful sprints.

Download the
 Agile Sprint Guide Report

Agile Org Guide

A practical guide to implementing Agile in Legacy Organizations – ‘it’s not all unicorns and rainbows’.

The Agile Org Guide explores insights into the reality of Agile within established organizations by addressing and debunking the most widely circulated myths. We offer practical guidance that management can immediately begin to follow to successfully implement Agile within their organization through a simple yet (repeatedly) proven model.

Download this guide today if you:

  • Do believe that it is only a matter of time before your business is disrupted
  • Don’t fully trust that Agile could work within your process and efficiency-driven business
  • Do know there must be a way to approach work to better utilize new technologies
  • Do want to learn from other legacy organizations’ experiences

Download the Agile Org Guide

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