A new femtech solution to menstrual pain.

In this research and design project, we address the complex problem related to menstruation.

Most women suffer from menstrual pain mostly in silence. There are several ways to relieve the pain, but which method is good enough? Which are the most valuable attributes in a pain relief method? What are the main notions and problems during menstruation for women?
We took a customer-centric approach.

We worked towards a goal of creating an innovative product that is built with the customers in the center. For that, we collected insights from qualitative and quantitative research, and used them to define design challenges we would like to give a solution.

Our research phase involved:


Personal in depth interviews during phase 1 of the research.


Women internationally participated in our survey during our phase 2 of the research.

Based on the results of the qualitative and quantitative research we identified 4 main insights.
  1. Menstruation is a hassle for women;
  2. During menstruation women need a safe place to be;
  3. Women would like to have better pain relief methods;
  4. Buying and trying new menstruation products is a long and information heavy process.

Based on the insights we defined design challenges that should be addressed by ARTEMIS, such as the need for help in keeping harmony and knowing their body. Furthermore, we identified several key elements for the complete and holistic experience of wearing the bodysuit.

The main challenges and job for the bodysuit is to help women to understand their relationship with their period and body and to be able to communicate about this.

P17-18 of the
case study.

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