In the face of new challenges posed by demographic change and our immense technological progress, it is becoming increasingly important for us as a society to use technology to develop beneficial solutions for the older generation.
— REPORT: 4 Opportunity Spaces To Innovate For An Ageing Population

4 Opportunity Spaces To Innovate For An Ageing Population

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  • Explore the status quo and near-future forecasting of our ageing population

  • Dive into areas with the greatest need and potential for innovation

This report was primarily made for organizations looking to explore new technological developments and market opportunities for elderly care and support. 

  • Understand how an advancement in health care is changing the needs of ageing populations
  • Explore the intersection between key areas of potential technological innovation and evolving market needs
  • How are today’s changes in age distribution across populations impacting elderly care, and how are needs shifting within this age group?
  • Which are the areas of new tech development that hold the most potential for meeting the emerging needs of the elderly?
  • Which are the four major fields of innovation that your organization could explore in context of elderly needs?

Key insights in this report

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The 80+ year-old population is projected to increase by 79%. Whereas the caregiver demographic (ages 45-64) will increase in the same period by just 1%.

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More than 90% of people over the age of 65 want to live within their own four walls and remain independent.

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Existing innovative information and communication systems already enable caregivers to access relevant information (such as patient records or care documentation, preferences of patients and availability of supporting resources).

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Potential fields of innovation in the area of elderly care include: 

  • risk prevention
  • care, health and household-related services
  • help and support for caregivers
  • social and leisure activities organization

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