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Check out the latest guide from the series — the Agile Org Guide

The Agile Org Guide explores insights into the reality of Agile within established organizations by addressing and debunking the most widely circulated myths.

More importantly, this guide offers highly practical guidance that management can immediately begin to follow to successfully implement Agile within their organization through a simple yet (repeatedly) proven model.

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In order to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced environment, legacy organizations have to be able to overcome these three challenges along the way.

The challenge:

Legacy organizations have always been challenged with the ability to innovate by responding quickly to rapid market changes. This has largely to do with their approach to product or service development which is oftentimes too slow and expensive…

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Whether building up a loyalty program from scratch or refreshing an existing one, this process will take your team through the steps vital to defining the most valuable and relevant rewards for your customers…

Innovation pace refers to the speed at which a business is innovating and releasing new consumer-facing features…