We help organizations bring
the right innovations to life.

The innovation dilemma

Turning high-risk cases into viable solutions takes time, money & entrepreneurial talent.

So how can you achieve greater Return on Innovation?


Corporate Capital raised for new ventures


Time-to-market reduction across client projects


NPS for innovation projects

.fast_track brings the most relevant business solutions to life, fast.

We explore, refine, validate, and scale business opportunities quickly, independently, then package our service around your unique needs.

We find & validate high-impact winners.

Then work together with your team to turn them into scalable revenue growers.


Our 3 pillars to value creation

Our workflow is smart & fast
Our approach creates high-impact winners

Our entrepreneurial teams build momentum

We unlock true potential in just 8 weeks.

We explore, refine, validate, and scale business opportunities quickly, independently, and package our service around your unique needs.

8 weeks. 1 validated prototype.
The insights to make informed decisions.

The type of questions we’ll have answers to:

  • Who are the affected stakeholders?
  • What value will the innovation deliver?
  • Does the solution meet viable market demand?
  • Can it be built quickly and scaled exponentially?

Our dedicated team runs the initiative, so you don’t have to.

We set up a lean specialized team that turns your opportunity into a case with a validated problem-solution fit.

Product Owner
Research Specialist

Service Designers
Growth Marketers

Industry Experts
Project Managers
Senior Management

Check out our work with A1 Smart home.

8 weeks until validation. 8 months from setup to launch. Rolled out in 5 markets already.

Fintech project with Bank Cler's ZAK.

Validated in 8 weeks. 11 months to launch. The first smartphone only bank in Switzerland.

We’re here to accelerate your early-stage validation.

Maintain effectiveness by only allocating your resources once the business opportunity is validated.

Bypass slow legacy processes thanks to an external team not bound by corporate hoops.

Reduce time-to-market entry to ensure high relevance in an ever-changing landscape.

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