Demand Side Audit

3 days outside-in diagnosis of how demand has shifted, how companies are responding to emerging business opportunities and how you can evolve your product & service portfolio to generate growth

What do you get with a Demand Side Audit?

2 people Frontira team (research expert & strategy consultant) delivering:

  • Understanding of how demand is changing, impacting market size and the implications for your business
    • Concrete recommendations for improvement of current product/service offering
    • Concrete recommendation for product & service innovation opportunities
  • Comprehensive report with all research findings
  • 2 hour workshop with Frontira team

Why is a Demand Side Audit important?

10 years of digital product, service e-commerce adoption just happened in 3 months.

Companies need to understand this rapidly changing market environment and adapt the way how they define, build and scale digital products and services.

US e-commerce penetration, %

Source: Bank of America; Forrester Analytics; ShawSpring Research; US Department of Commerce; Mckinsey analysis

Digital Products & Service are the new growth drivers across categories

75 percent of consumers have tried a new brand, or different way of shopping during the pandemic.

Source: McKinsey; Understanding and shaping consumer behavior in the next normal

Digital Adoption Rate, by Industry

Source: Mckinsey; Europe’s digital migration during COVID-19: Getting past the broad trends and averages

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital products and services across all categories.

Consumers and businesses have changed their priorities and purchasing behavior.

Demand side shifts will reshape existing markets and create emerging business opportunities.

How does a Demand Side Audit work?

Briefing Call

  • Align on customer segment, product & service portfolio and geographic market
  • Onboarding on clients specific needs and wishes

Shifting demand

DAY 01
  • Analysis of post COVID-19 market size
  • Definition of most important demand shifts

Best practices

DAY 02
  • Discovery of cross industry best practices
  • Deep dive on selected product & service evolution

Opportunity areas

DAY 03
  • Generation of product & service growth opportunities based on shifting demand
  • Outline of execution roadmap



2 hour remote workshop to discuss research findings and recommendation

  • Presentation of audit findings and recommendation
  • Discussion about next steps

What questions a Demand Side Audit answers?

“How will COVID-19 impact my market in 2021?”

“On which segment in my market should I focus?”

“How can I expand the ecosystem of my offering to meet new demand?”

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