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Free mini courses to help you create a competitive edge

We get it, driving growth is hard. As a team of serial entrepreneurs, marketing strategists, and service design specialists we are constantly asked: “how can we grow faster?” by our fortune 500 clients. It is quite literally a question we work on day, and sometimes night, and has been at the center of many brainstorms, workshops and design sprints over the last 10+ years.

Team empowerment is at the core of what we do, and in this series of free mini-courses our team specialists walk you through the fundamentals of various topics which in our experience have been central in creating a competitive edge. You can start all the courses at once, or simply start with one and mingle and match after however you see fit.

Happy learning!

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An intro into...

Strategic customer journey design​

Learn how to tactfully design and utilize customer journeys to increase the adoption rate of desired behaviour, or grow leads/sales.

  • What are customer journeys, and how to leverage them?
  • Distilling the right insights
  • Learn how to define lead magnets
  • Behavioural design basics
  • Creating customer journey maps


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Building an effective digital growth strategy

Introductions into key concepts that you’ll need to understand if you want to build an effective digital growth strategy, consistently.

  • Defining the right obstacles, and KPI
  • How to properly prioritize MVT (Minimal Viable Tests)
  • Understand churn, and how to leverage it
  • How to define, and develop lead magnets
  • Set up and leverage upselling and nurturing campaigns
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Customer centric design

Learn the basics of Customer Centric Design thinking, and how to apply them in your organisation.

  • Intro into Customer Centric Design approach
  • Introduction into method action
  • Asking the right questions
  • How to utilize customer insights
  • MVP pyramid, and how to apply it
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Strategic innovation frameworks

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