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Find here our reports with 20+ pages and deep dives into various topics such as: 

  • Telco, Banking and Private Banking Reports
  • Innovation Pace
  • The New Normal Report Series
  • and more

Case Studies

Over the years we collected Case Studies relevant to many industries. Examples are: 

  • Amazon Growth Strategy
  • T-Mobile’s un-carrier value canvas
  • How Spotify Dominates in Music
  • and more


Clients love our clarity, which is often based on very focused and structured thinking. Some tools we put together for here like: 

  • Agile Sprint & Agile Org Guide
  • Referral Builder
  • Growth Marketing Templates
  • and more


With snapshots we took a look at many different examples how trends manifest. Trends include: 

  • Sustainability
  • Chatbot deep dives
  • Silver Economy
  • and more

Workshops & Conferences

Here you can find decks of workshops and reports we did and we can share. 

Client Case Studies

Always interesting to see case studies of client cases we put together. Check it out here:

Empowering Agile

With we help foster agile transformation through an active community and regular meet-ups and conferences. Find interesting slides and presentations from our last conferences. 


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Over the years we collected webinars, talks and workshops that might be interesting for you. 


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