Innovating the insurance sector with one of the first on-demand solutions

Innovation in the insurance sector is a challenge. Working together with NN we developed an on demand insurance for the high in demand millennial customer segment.

Younger audiences do not have insurance as a top of mind service. Attracting new customers to legacy offerings is a challenge while at the same time being an imperative. The industry needs to focus on driving existing customer lifetime value as well as attracting new customers with meaningful and useful offerings. Protect Me was a project rooted in attracting younger customers with something unique while being relevant.

Defining Strategic Opportunities


Research and market intelligence showed us that while younger customer segments are not interested in traditional insurance yet, they do have lifestyle choices where they might benefit from protection. This segment is active whether running or even extreme sports, and these activities do pose a potential need for insurance that covers possible injuries. Also being a mobile first culture, they want services to be readily, easily available with just a few clicks. This posed an opportunity to attract a new customer segment and revenue source from insurance services that were designed to meet the needs, expectations and habits of a new lucrative customer base.

Building solutions


Protect Me is an on demand, short term insurance solution for individuals that want to be covered during a specific activity. Through an agile, customer-centric process, we helped NN envision, test and build a new life insurance model, from the core concept, through the design of the underlying service, all the way to the release of a digital product. Together, we created the first on-demand accident and life insurance product ever released by a major insurer, ready to maintain NN’s position among the most innovative insurers. A typical use case: when running a marathon a customer can use the service to be covered for any needed assistance for the duration of the run. 

Through a single app, people are now able to sign up for risk insurance for 150 sports and activities, and only pay for it when they are doing them.

How we helped:
  • Business model innovation

  • User experience

  • Digital transformation

  • Service design

  • Digital Services

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Scaling the Business


Protect Me was designed, developed and launched in Hungary which is a test market for NN. Together with the client, we designed a go to market strategy and launch. With numerous design awards and customer acceptance, NN is exploring the possibility of launching Protect Me globally.

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