Building a unique proposition with Mastercard

Mastercard has developed a truly unique proposition centered around customers, delivering value and therefore making Mastercard the cards of choice for millions of customers around the world. In order to be the leader in credit and debit card usage, the digital experience needs to be smooth, easy and enjoyable.

While the Mastercard platform of Priceless is essential to the brand’s growth and performance, working together with the client, we discovered that the mobile user experience, the app,  was causing some barriers to customer value and business growth.

Defining Strategic Opportunities


In order to identify possible usage barriers, we researched customer shopping habits, specifically on mobile. We conducted user interviews and UX analyses in order to pinpoint the ‘pain points’ in the app and opportunities for improvement. We aimed at creating a smooth, seamless and enjoyable customer journey so that both customers and Mastercard could benefit from the experience.

Building solutions


One major issue was registration and onboarding for the app. The process was complicated and resulted in many potential customers ‘dropping out’. Through an agile process, we revisited the UX of the app and optimised, through a series of iterations, for customer usability and ease. Redesigning the customer journey, resulted in a user friendly app and more customers engaging with the platform.

How we helped:
  • UX Design
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Customer Insights
  • Service Design
  • Digital Services

Scaling the Business


The new UX design was adopted by Mastercard across the board and resulted in more engaged and active customers. 


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