Agile Innovation Training

Innovate like a startup. Enable your team to compete in a fast pace environment. All in a 2 day interactive training that will save you months.

What do you get with an Agile Innovation Training?

2 people Frontira team (Training Experts and experienced, certified Agile Facilitators) delivering:

  • 2-Day Training setting up your team for a learning journey to innovate working agile
  • Learning Material: Agile Sprint Guide, Agile Org Guide
  • Outside Perspective on capabilities within your organization and concrete recommendations for further learning formats

Why is having an Agile Innovation Training important?

79% of new digital products and service initiaties fail, because companies lack agile capabilities
42% fail to ...
...due to lacking capabilities to DEFINE

a business model that connects customer needs with business and technology ambition

19% fail to
...due to lacking capabilities

with a customer centric and iterative design & development approach

17% fail to
...due to lacking capabilities to SCALE

with data driven approaches and experimentation

Companies need to develop new (digital) products and services to stay relevant

Companies need to change the way they work to keep up with customer expectations and competition

Companies struggle to build the necessary digital and agile capabilities to enable their employees to cope with and innovate in a fast-changing world

Agile Innovation Training is a 2-day interactive training for 10-15 participants helping them to
  • Understand how Agile enables organizations and teams to innovate in a fast-paced competitive environment and
  • Grasp the Agile mindset by providing a sound theoretical background – mixed with engaging exercise to gain your first hands-on practical experiences.
Recommendation for participants selection:
  • Voluntary registration
  • One product, service or project team that is about to kick-off a new innovation project

How does an Agile Innovation Training work?

Briefing Call

  • Align on training objective, participants and logistics

Training Day 1

DAY 01
  • Context And Challenges Of The Competitive Environment
  • Understand how digital companies develop new offers
  • Strategic innovation framework
  • Agile Mindset: Agile (Business) Manifesto, Values and Principles

Training Day 2

DAY 02
  • Agile Methods: Scrum, Kanban and Sprints
  • Agile Sprint Guide to launch agile team
  • Practical guide to start an MVP (minimum viable product) project
  • Important success metrics for evaluating innovation projects

Evaluation & Feedback

DAY 03

1 hour remote session for evaluation and feedback

  • Ask participants for NPS and feedback
  • Retrospective with training organizers

What questions an Agile Innovation Training answers to?

“How is agile different?” “How do we become more innovative?”

“Why should our company/team care about agile?”

“Where and how do I start to develop innovative products and services?”

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