Our team

Joanna Bakas

Managing Partner

Joanna is passionate about innovation strategy and execution focusing on helping companies better exploit their existing offers while exploring new ways to deliver business value.

Ákos Csertán

Managing Partner

Ákos is a seasoned design leader, strategist, design theory researcher, doer. He supports enterprises understand genuine customer problems, envision cutting-edge products, services and business models, build them, and continuously deliver value both to businesses and people.

Stefan Erschwendner

Managing Partner

Stefan is a serial entrepreneur, top management consultant and keynote speaker. He has worked with Global FT 500 companies across industries to make them more customer-centric and agile.

Judit Kertész

Managing Partner

Judit is a curious mind with a management consultancy background. She helps companies to find their winning aspiration through supporting them in better understanding their customers, business environment, and innovation trends.

László Ruszty

Managing Partner

László is a product designer, helping both people and businesses to reach their goals through meaningful products. An expert in problem-driven, non-linear design processes, he supports the creation of customer value from problem definition through design solution and validation.

Enikő Barbarics

Service Designer

Enikő is a full-time empathizer who loves to create an impact on everyday life. With a background in industrial design, she is a service designer, researcher and problem-solver.

Gyöngyi Fekete

Product Designer

Gyöngyi is enthusiastic about listening to people’s needs with empathy. Based on her background in industrial design, she is excited to test ideas when building products that deliver impact to both people and businesses.

Fabiola Lewandowska

Senior Consultant & Product Owner (signmesh)

Fabiola’s consulting experience revolves around marketing strategy, innovation & new ways of working for clients across Europe and beyond. Always updated on marketing intelligence and consumer trends, Fabiola’s skills will help you deliver customer value while making sure to achieve business goals at the same time.

Zsófia Elek

Product Designer

Zsófi is a problem-focused thinker and designer with a background in sociology and graphic design. Thanks to this combination, she loves to collect and analyse data and turn them into not only good looking but also functional designs.

Krisztián Komándi


Krisztián is a consultant, driven by strategic and meaningful innovation enabled by behavioural science. He believes that combining economics, business and psychology is a key to finding sustainable business models that solve human problems in a cutting-edge way.

James Aratan


James is a solid all-round designer with a flexible mindset. He’s an easy going happy personality, but not when it comes to design — he always strives to deliver the best.

Anikó Bartók

Product Designer

Anikó is enthusiastic about focusing on users’ experience. She supports product developments with research and design, while leveraging the strength of iterations.

Nedda Nagy

Project Manager

Nedda is a project manager helping all research and design projects to enable a holistic way of systematic thinking. Her personal mission is to keep work streams on track and to build routines in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Susanne Blum

Senior Consultant

Susanne is a Strategy Consultant, Organisational Developer and Agile Facilitator, who enables people and organizations to change, to be more agile, to innovate, and to experiment with new ways of working to make the most of digitalization. She is passionate about new work, data centricity and artificial intelligence.

Fanni Csepely


Fanni is a remarkably compassionate person. Her background in psychology and organizational development taught her that the world can be examined from an infinite number of perspectives - and none of them is wrong. She is constantly looking for what drives people from within to help improve their lives with valuable and useful services.

Miklós Zsengellér

Senior Art Director

Miki is known for taking basic design briefs and turning them into mind-blowing design concepts, simultaneously showing off design sensibility and attention to detail. He is an award-winning senior art director having worked in a dynamic, deadline-driven environment designing a variety of commercial and digital projects.

Mario Berger

Senior Consultant

Mario is a senior growth consultant and a passionate hustler. Mario spent most of his professional life in several positions in the A1 Telekom Austria Group, working as an executive assistant to the CEO, on A1’s strategy, in UX, managing vendors for Austria’s largest online-shops redesign, and built 2 squads following a growth team philosophy. His private time Mario spends with his family of 4, his local semi-professional apricot farm & his real estate passion.

Anikó Biró

Product Designer

Anikó is enthusiastic about connect information in order to solve puzzles. She has a product design background, but she likes to challenge herself in various ways and sought opportunities to cross boundaries over professions. She has experience in physical and digital product development as well.

Dorottya Rusz

Senior Researcher

Dorottya is a behavioural scientist, passionate about figuring out why people do what they do. She uses her research background to understand pain points and ultimately create better experiences for people.

Bart Visser

Strategy & Innovation Director

Bart is an experienced business strategist and public speaker with a track record of driving change at B2C pure players. Passionate about start-ups, he has a special focus on Customer & Marketing, digital strategy, and building growth teams.

Dóra Zsarnóczay

Senior Product Designer

Dóri is an experienced designer, who is also passionate for UI design and committed to make the world easier to use. She's always there with her tiny dog to bring a client’s vision to life and believes the user-centred solutions are the most valuable future digital resources.

Nóra Lenner


Nóra is a researcher with a background in psychology. She uses her emphaty and active listening skills to dig deeper and find the powerful questions that discover blind spots in customer research.

Soma László

Business Development Manager

Soma is a business development manager, with strong fintech background and enthusiasm for design thinking. His mission is to help companies delivering innovative, meaningful and customer-centric solutions with sustainable business models.

Benjámin Rigó

Product Designer

Benjámin is a versatile product designer with both UX and UI skills. He likes to create order in seemingly chaotic systems and turn them into accessible interfaces.

Alexandra Bangó

Product Designer

Szandi was always passionate about arts and design. She is a UI/UX designer and illustrator. She loves problem solving and working in a team. She loves tattoo arts, sketchbooks and also insipired by various type of music.

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