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LHBS and Frontira
is now one joint company

We have been partners for several years, sharing similar mindset and complementing each other on skillet and expertise. Encouraged by the great experience on how well we have been able to work together, we decided to become more than partners and build one company together.

How we helped leading
companies to grow better

Alpha Bank

In a complex financial environment in Greece (capital controls), Alpha Bank committed to differentiating on customer experience. With the economic crisis in Greece, the banking

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ZAK from Bank Cler

A Mobile Revolution For Swiss Banking. In June 2017 Bank Cler (formerly Bank Coop) rebranded and decided to offer a digital banking product in Switzerland

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Mastercard Priceless Specials

Mastercard has developed a truly unique proposition centered around customers, delivering value and therefore making Mastercard the cards of choice for millions of customers around

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A1 Smart Home

Austria’s Digitalization Starts At Home. A1 Austria came up with their mission to digitalize Austria and were exploring how best to bring it to life

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NN Protect Me

Innovation in the insurance sector is a challenge. Working together with NN we developed an on demand insurance for the high in demand millennial customer

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Your challenges keep you up at night?
Here are a few ways how we can start to help you:

Demand Side Audit

3 days outside-in diagnosis of how demand has shifted and how you can evolve your product & service portfolio to generate growth.

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Remote Design Sprints

Remotely build and validate products and services that engage customers in just 5 days. Minimize risks. Maximize benefit.

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Lead Generation Audit

1 day audit to increase your customer acquisition and conversion rate. From digital marketing to customer journeys and lead magnets.

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Agile Innovation Training

Innovate like a startup. Enable your team to compete in a fast pace environment. All in a 2 day interactive training that will save you months.

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